Stressed, Overwhelmed, Doubting Your Decisions?

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way.

Remote Leadership Works restores your control over your career path, giving you the tools to develop into a confident and effective leader.

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Frustrated when trying to move your team forward?

Do you believe there’s room for improvement in your process, yet unsure how to achieve it? Perhaps what brought you to this point won’t be what propels you forward.

Modern work can make you feel disconnected and isolated. Remote, hybrid, and co-located work is not how it used to be, and it needs effective managers, able to cope with uncertainty.

Who can help you become an effective manager?

Are you dealing with:

  • Conflicts between your team members?
  • Too many things to do, but not enough time?
  • Misunderstandings with you stakeholders?
  • Never-ending unproductive meetings?
  • Unaddressed lack of performance in your workforce?
  • Ineffective processes, getting very little done?
  • Lack of personal connection when working remotely?
  • Poor accountability in hybrid team structures?

I’m Luca Sartoni,
founder of Remote Leadership Works.

Many years ago I was promoted to a manager without support. Reading all the books and watching all the videos can only go so far, and results were far from my expectations.

Finally I found the courage to ask for help.

Through a tailored process that included executive coaching, understanding the unique challenges around working with remote teams and diverse cultures, I was transformed into an effective manager, and my career took off.

I built, managed, and directed high-impact teams for over twenty years in diverse environments. Then, I decided to step out of the corporate world to help up and coming entrepreneurs and managers who were facing the same struggles I successfully overcame in my career.

I was there in the pit, just like you, and I can teach you how to build your way out.


Clients Testimonials

I feel so lucky now that Luca was my mentor during my Journey as an individual contributor and then Engineering Manager.
We talked in detail about performance management, how to resolve conflicts, how to manage up, efficient time management, and similar topics important to be a good lead, which is not easy to hone.

Naman Malhotra

Engineering Manager

Luca taught me many things: how to frame a difficult conversation and create an acceptable outcome for both parties; how to work through a conversation with a team member and reach the root issue; how to communicate well and manage up; how to balance conflicting business needs; and how to approach Director-level and CEO-level leadership.

Thuy Copeland

Team Lead

I’ve learnt about (and, more importantly, applied!) some of Luca’s best practices about working with remote & distributed teams, being effective in meetings and communication, managing expectations, and leading teams to growth.

Onė Mikulskytė

Science & Organization Lead

Luca is one of those extremely hard-to-find leaders who can transform a group of underperforming individuals into a high-performance team in less than a year and leave the entire company asking themselves how that happened.

Renzo Canepa

Director of Engineering

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