Effective Management Workshop

Team management can be daunting, especially for new leaders. We will help you!

This interactive course prepares you for long-term managerial success, emphasizing the value of effective management through increased ROI, reduced turnover, and transferable skills across various roles and sectors.

The live course is available in English or Italian on Zoom for classes of up to 12 people.

You will learn:

  • How to understand people and foster motivation.
  • How to navigate healthy professional relationships at work.
  • How to make and break commitments, managing timelines and exceptions.
  • How to Set expectations and manage performance.
  • How to give and receive feedback.

We offer this course in collaboration with Avanscoperta.


Testimonials from Graduates

From zero to management! A course to immerse oneself in the reality of an established manager and understand what works and why something is not working, and how to improve.

Pier Paolo Grassi


This course was on-point, effective, and properly designed, offering an exceptional learning experience.

Francesca Raffa

Project Manager

Interesting, engaging, and full of effective and concrete tips and suggestions.

Maddalena Germinario

Software Engineer

This course is great even for people who do not directly manage a team. I learned how to establish strong relationahips with people I work with.

Gabriella Castelli

Agile Coacj

The workshop allowed me to assess different perspectives, become familiar with various tools, comprehend dynamics, and employ these tools to enhance relationships, making them more effective.

Stefano D’Alessi

Project Manager

If you want to get past your frustration when managing people, and amplify your effectiveness, this is the ultimate workshop for you.

Noemi Bello

Project Manager