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When I was studying Aikido, preparing for my black belt exam, my sensei used to say: “Don’t talk about your problem: solve it. Practice, practice, practice.”

Fast forward 15 years, I attended many leadership development sessions in my career. Most of them were PowerPoint presentations, sometimes followed by Q&As. I read persuasion, delegation, motivation, trust, and negotiation books. I watched hundreds of hours of videos on the matter.

However, the two most impactful things that made me progress as a professional, manager, and leader were executive coaching and group exercise.

The Leadership Dojo is all about the latter: exercise, exercise, and more exercise.

What’s a Leadership Dojo?

It’s a cohort-based leadership development program where participants meet every second week for three months. Every session revolves around a theme; after a quick introduction, it’s all about practice.

Exercises are carefully selected, explained, and facilitated by the host. Then we break out into pairs or groups, and we practice.

Three reasons to attend the Dojo


The very first reason to attend the Dojo is to practice. You can rely on a selected group of people who get together to do exercise together. Over time, the group gets more robust, and exercises will become more targeted at everybody’s needs. They will become more challenging too, and you will progress to a level you cannot imagine.


The cohort will work together for three months, building trust among the attendees. This network of trusted fellow leaders is a supporting structure for every leadership challenge you may face in the future.


You will be recommended books, articles, videos, and other resources between sessions. If you have questions, you will find answers. You can rely on fellow leaders from different industries, countries, backgrounds, and experiences. As well as prepared hosts and facilitators.

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