Public Speaking for Tech Leaders

Presenting in Lisbon, Portugal

Are you struggling to convey your technical expertise on stage effectively?

Are you encountering difficulties engaging your audience when presenting numerical data, graphs, and technical subjects?

Are you fascinated by the art of storytelling yet find yourself at a loss when incorporating it into your technical presentations?

We’ve got your back.

Introducing our game-changing public speaking training program exclusively designed for tech leaders like you.

Gain the skills, techniques, and confidence to deliver captivating presentations that leave a lasting impact.

From simplifying complex concepts to mastering body language and storytelling, our expert trainers will guide you through a tailored curriculum.

Practice in real-life scenarios, receive personalized feedback and unlock your full potential as a confident and influential speaker.

Luca Sartoni and Carmine Gallo

Luca Sartoni

Luca has worked in the technology sector for more than twenty years.

At Automattic, he was the Director of Product Engineering.

Automattic is well-known for platforms like, Tumblr, WooCommerce, and Jetpack.

In addition to his management role, he is recognized as a skilled public speaker and has trained others in public speaking.

In 2011, Luca completed his media training with Carmine Gallo, the author of The Presentation Secrets of Steve Jobs, Talk like TED, The Storytellers’ Secrets, and many more best sellers on public speaking, and started his career in public speaking training.

Throughout his tenure as a manager and director, Luca has honed his expertise in instructing individuals in the tech industry on the art of effective communication. Additionally, he has successfully assisted executives in enhancing their stage presence, thus fostering increased engagement with their audiences.


Robert Fransgaard

Former Global Head of Experience Design – H&M Group
Former Experience Design Director, EMEA Group –
Now Vice President of Design, Research and Brand at Pleo

I wanted to get better at presenting to both limited groups of people and to bigger gatherings such as conferences.

I was introduced to Luca as a person with extensive presentation skills and teaching abilities. It is important to highlight the latter as the two are different and Luca is very competent in both. This came across in the way Luca tailored his planned approach to overcome some of my shortcomings for example my habit of speak in long sentences, very fast.

We also rehearsed volume, pauses, speed, etc to create a capturing rhythm in my presentations.

In short, what I have learned is a strong ability to share my messages with an audience in a easily understood, interesting and memorable way.

The Executive Stewardship

Public Speaking for Tech Leaders
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  • Gain confidence and rock the stage
  • Engage your audience with your technical expertise
  • Master storytelling and get people excited about tech